Underwater Digital Camera and Housing NEW

Underwater Digital Camera and Housing NEW

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Ever been somewhere and wished you had a video of that insane moment? The HeadCam2 was designed just for these types of situations – no matter where they happen. And yes, we heard the pleas from the scuba-diving community and came up with waterproof characteristics that you need – down to one fathom. There are action cameras made for action videos and then there is the HeadCam2, designed to go just about anywhere on, or under, the Earth to get the videos you want; packed with features that even some of the “top-of-the-line” action cameras haven’t even considered.

Laser Aiming
Take the guesswork out of what is being recorded by activating the integrated laser aiming device on the HeadCam2. Whatever the laser illuminates the high quality camera records.
  Adjustable Positioning
The HeadCam2 was designed to catch all the action with its variable position casing, allowing you to adjust the angle up to 90 degrees for getting the angle YOU want.

The HeadCam2 comes with integrated 2GB memory, allowing for fast read and write speeds that standard flash memory cards of today just can’t compete with.
Time/Date Stamp
All videos are automatically watermarked with the current date and time. Now you can prove you were there and did that, only you got a video instead of a T-Shirt.

  That’s right! All ElectroFlipbrand products purchased through Amazon come with a free no hassle LIFETIME warranty. If there is ever any problem a brand new item is only a few clicks away!

Underwater Digital Camera and Housing NEW


  • Crisp & Clear Recording – The HeadCam2 provides you with amazingly crisp and clear WVGA quality video (736 x 480) at a breathtaking recording pace of 30 frames per second. An integrated microphone catches all the sounds and dialogue – the microphone even works underwater. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  • Waterproof – You may have seen similar digital video recorders touting “weather resistant” but the HeadCam2 is WATERPROOF. You can use it anywhere, including underwater – up to 35 feet.
  • Hands-Free Operation – Three oversized operating buttons allow you to activate the laser, record and stop recording, even with gloves on. Designed for use as an action camera, the HeadCam2 quickly straps to your waist, arm, head or helmet – keeping your hands free to do make the action happen.
  • Rechargeable Batteries – The integrated Lithium batteries can be charged using either the USB cable or use AC adapter. Fully charged batteries will provide 1hour 30minutes of non-stop, continuous recording time, so you won’t miss any of the action
  • Plug & Play – Simply plug the HeadCam2 into your TV using the AV cables for instant playback. And you can also plug the HeadCam2 into your computer using the supplied USB cable making your videos easily viewed using Apple QuickTime or Windows Media Player. All videos are recorded in cross platform compatible .AVI format.
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