Premium Digital Camera Zipper Eva Pouch Carrying Case

Premium Digital Camera Zipper Eva Pouch Carrying Case

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Also Compatible with Following Camera Model:

S6400, S01, COOLPIX L26, COOLPIX S3300, COOLPIX S4300, COOLPIX S6300, COOLPIX S6200, COOLPIX L24, COOLPIX S3100, COOLPIX S4100, COOLPIX S6100, COOLPIX S80, COOLPIX S5100, CoolPix S8000, CoolPix S6000, CoolPix S4000, CoolPix S3000, CoolPix L22, CoolPix S640, CoolPix S570, CoolPix S70, CoolPix L19, CoolPix L20, CoolPix S220, CoolPix S230, CoolPix S620, CoolPix S630, CoolPix S710, CoolPix S610c, CoolPix S610, CoolPix S560, CoolPix S60, CoolPix S600, CoolPix S550, CoolPix S520, CoolPix S210, CoolPix S52c, CoolPix S52, CoolPix S700, CoolPix S510, CoolPix S200, CoolPix S51c, CoolPix S51, CoolPix S50c, CoolPix S500, CoolPix L18, CoolPix L15, CoolPix L12, CoolPix L11, CoolPix L10

C1450, PLAYFULL Waterproof Video Camera, EasyShare M5350, EASYSHARE M5370, EasyShare C1505, EasyShare M23, C123, EasyShare M522, EasyShare M532, EasyShare M552, EasyShare M583, Mini HD Video Camera, EasyShare M590, EasyShare C195, EasyShare C182, EasyShare M580, EasyShare M575, EasyShare M550, EasyShare M530, EasyShare M381, EasyShare M341, EasyShare M340, EasyShare M380, EasyShare C763, EasyShare M1093 IS, EasyShare M1073 IS, EasyShare M1063, EasyShare M1033, EasyShare M893 IS, EasyShare M883, EasyShare M863, EasyShare M763, EasyShare M873, EasyShare M853, EasyShare M753, EasyShare V1273, EasyShare V1253, EasyShare V1233, EasyShare V1073, EasyShare V1003, EasyShare V803, EasyShare V705, EasyShare V603, EasyShare V550,

FujiFilm Finepix
Z1000EXR / Z1010EXR, FinePix JZ100, FinePix JZ250, FinePix JX500, FinePix JX580, FinePix T400, T350 / T360, FinePix Z900EXR, FinePix AV200, FinePix JX300, FinePix T300, FinePix Z90, FinePix AX300, JX350, JV200, T200, JX280, AX200 Black, A150, FinePix AV100, Z700EXR, Z70, F80EXR, JV100, JX250, JZ300, JZ500, J38, Z37, F70EXR, A220, A170, FinePix A150, Z30, Z33WP, F200EXR, J20, J250, Z20fd, Z100fd, Z200fd, F100fd, F60fd, F50fd, J150w, J50, J10,

Premium Digital Camera Zipper Eva Pouch Carrying Case - Hot Pink - Kodak Easyshare C1450, PLAYFULL Waterproof Video Camera, M5350, M5370, c1505, M23, C123, M522, M532, M552, M583, C195, C182, M590, M580, M575, M550


  • Brand new GTMAX case.
  • Stylish & high quality foam case.
  • Smooth, non-scratch lining interior.
  • Prevents damage or scratch to your camera from objects in your pockets or purse.
  • Dimension: 105mm x 61mm x 30mm
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