Polaroid Floating Wrist Strap for Underwater Cameras

Polaroid Floating Wrist Strap for Underwater Cameras

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Flotation Camera Strap

Excellent Camera Maneuverability – The Polaroid Flotation strap is designed for underwater cameras, camcorders and housings. Its pads provide little resistance while using your camera underwater. Its low buoyancy means you won’t have to fight the upward force of the flotation pads while shooting under water.

Your Camera Is Never Lost – If for some reason the strap and camera accidently come off your wrist the two will gently float to the surface exposing the brightly covered pads.

Easy To Store – The Flotation pad includes an integral storage loop for clipping onto scuba gear of a life jacket

Convenience – A quick disconnect clip allows the camera to be separated from the strap without having to remove the strap from your wrist. The strap can be adjusted to fit securely round your wrist or arm using a push to release strap lock.

Polaroid Floating Wrist Strap Red for Underwater Waterproof Cameras/ Camcorders Housings


  • Low Buoyancy
  • High Visibility
  • Scuba Gear Attachment Loop
  • Detachable Camera Loop
  • Locking Wrist Strap Adjuster
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