18MP Underwater Digital Camera

18MP Underwater Digital Camera

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The NEW SVP WP6800 18MP 2.4-inch LCD Waterproof Digital Camera& Video Recorder is the waterproof digital camera with built-in most Advanced Face Detection Technology system and Smile Shutter Mode. It ensures you’ll never miss capturing any of life’s precious moments, anywhere, anytime, under any conditions, and be able to share them easily with your extended network of friends and family members. Its Face Detection technology that recognizes faces in a photo and automatically controls focus, exposure, color and flash to bring out the best in everyone. It is ready for any adventure including underwater activity up to 3 feet. The HUGE 2.4″ wide-screen LCD monitors allows you to see the images and examine them in detail before and after you take a photo or video. Compatible with external Micro SD card up to 32GB. World’s smallest and lightest waterproof digital camera. It’s innovative and powerful, yet slim and durable, meant for any active lifestyle.



  • SVP WP6800 delivers quality images with 2560×1920 CMOS Sensor (Max. 18MP via interpolation); 4x Digital room
  • Waterproof digital camera you can use in any condition;Compact with size 90mmx59mmx18mm
  • The 2.4-inch Color TFT LCD monitor allows you to see the images in detail.
  • Face detection technology recognizes up to five faces in a photo and automatically controls focus
  • Smile shutter mode helps you capture more smiles; compatible with micro SD card, not compatible with SD card.
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